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Bears & Burgers

Great win last week and so fun to have the gang back together. On the menu this week for lunch will be Cheeseburgers & Hamburgers with some fancy additions including ranch potatoes, care of the Websters. A light punch to beat the heat will also be served. See everyone early Saturday.
Sic ’em

Start With Some Sizzle

Back again, same place, there early and late. Hope to see many of you this week as the season kicks off.

On the menu this week will be fajitas before the game with rice beans and all the fixings. Lunch is still up in the air, but rest assured you won’t go hungry. 

To help keep things cool, there will be a Berry Beer Punch.
Sic ’em

Last Home Game…Let’s Beat TCU!

Another 11 am game, and another double feature tailgate menu. In the morning, we will have a breakfast casserole, hot chocolate, apple cider, and the fire pit to warm you up inside and out.

After the game, we will have smoked turkey breasts and ribs with a selection of sides. We will light the pit back up and watch the afternoon games. Come early, stay late and absolutely beat TCU!

Sic ‘ em Bears!


Can I get a Drumstick, please….

On the menu this week we have BBQ’d Chicken Drumsticks! Sauced and grilled to perfection! These will go great with beans, potato salad and other sides. We will also have a purple punch to complement. 🙂

Lunch will be ready at noon before the 2:30pm kickoff.

Come early, stay late, enjoy the cooler weather. Sic ‘KSU!

Pigskin and a Little Pork

This week we will be cooking Smoked Pork Loin with Mac ‘N Cheese and a few other sides. Have it as a sandwich or a plate. We will have the setups for both. Lunch will be ready at noon for a 2:30 kickoff, but come early and enjoy the non-98 degree day. (Nick Lachey and friends will be so disappointed, I know.)

We are going to try out an Orange Dream Punch for a little extra refreshment too. Bring your taste-tester!

2-0 hoping to make it to 3-0! Sic’ Duke!

With Fall Comes Football

It has been a long, quiet off season but we’re ready to get back to McLane and see all of you. We so appreciate everyone’s continued generosity. We couldn’t do what we do without your support.

The annual pre season pilgrimage took place Sunday. To make sure everything is in order. Not surprisingly enough, I ran into an issue. The stereo batteries were dead and required replacement. On a lovely 99° afternoon.

Other honey do’s were accomplished. Coolers were cleaned. Fire ant mounds were killed. Baylor had freshly striped the tailgate spots.

One addition Baylor surprised us with: It seems sprinklers were installed in the off season.

Even with so little rain the grass is green.

A 12 hour day. Driving and working and heat. But it sure got me excited for tailgate!

This year will likely see the retirement of some bag chairs that have served us well. They don’t last forever.

I also have my eye on a portable fridge/freezer. This would give us some additional flexibility on food and drinks. as well as the occasional frozen treat. Take a gander.

As  always, we want to hear comments on what can be improved and what you loved.

Trying to make donations more convenient.

Zelle  |  Venmo  |  Paypal

Beakfast with the Bears

What a great turnout last week! It was so great to see everyone. Much fun was had and a new game of chance and skill was born.

This week, it’ll be an early one, so breakfast is on the menu. We are cooking  breakfast casserole! I am sure we will have some other goodies to compliment. It’s going to be a beautiful morning!

Come early, stay late and enjoy this cool weather. Can’t wait to see you!

Sic’em Bears!

Roadrunner…. Tastes Like Chicken

Things are starting to settle back down to a more normal level. Hopefully last week’s game was a once in a 1000 year event just like Harvey. 😉

On the menu this week, we’ve got smoked chicken! To complement the chicken, there will be bacon wrapped green beans, care of the Webster family; potato salad provided by the Cabera family and jalapeño poppers care of Jake! You guys are awesome!

Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!

Sic’Em Bears!

Heating Up for a Rice Time!


As perfect as the weather has been for the last two games at McLane (an anomaly at this point, I know), this week, Green and Gold Forever tailgate is heading to Houston! It’s our first traveling tailgate of the year and we’re ready! We are kicking it up a notch with some jambalaya and jalapeno cornbread!

It’s apparent that you are loving the different punches so far! We made a bigger batch last weekend and it was all gone again! Whooo! We will be doing yet another new punch with a little H-Town flavor this week.

Remember, this is another Friday night game. We will be arriving at Rice Stadium by 3pm. We will be in the GREENBRIAR LOT. It’s first come, first serve. Once we arrive and stake our claim, we’ll post more specifics on the G&GF Facebook page. (i.e. We’re in the northeast corner.) Unless the lightning is a factor, we will be flying our green BU and Chef Bear flags. Be on the look out for those.

2016 Football Guest Parking Map

Come join us! Let’s show those owls how tailgating is really done! (Seriously, who’s idea was it to only allow 4 hours to tailgate!?)

4 days! #H-TownBound

Sic’Em Bears!
Beau & Callie

It’s beginning to look a lot like Tailgate!


We survived another monsoon season at McLane Stadium. Hopefully, with all of the off-season mess, we have had to endure, mother nature will cut us a break weather wise. Either way, we will be out there no matter what; rain, shine or blizzard. It will be great to see all of you again.

This off-season, we have experimented with an oil-less fryer (generously gifted after the season) as well as a mini propane smoker to be used as a warming tray/oven. These should let us have some more fun dishes this year while also experiment with some new things.

So here is the fun adult stuff. Last year’s total expenses totaled just over $4,000 We can not thank all of you who donated enough. We certainly could not do everything without your generosity. We think the total will end up roughly the same for this year.

With this said we are soliciting donations and general beverage requests with a recommended donation of $200 for the year, per person. Of course, we will make sure to have all beverages iced down and something delicious cooked up before each game and sometimes after. (All the cheering that we’re going to have to do to stay pumped up will make for hungry bellies!) Remember that you can always donate on our Facebook page or on under the “Donate” tabs.

If you haven’t already (and we all know you have, but just in case…) go ahead and mark your calendars for the following games:

9/2/16 HOME vs Northwestern State
9/10/16 HOME vs SMU
9/16/16 Away vs Rice (Tailgating in Houston)
9/24/16 HOME vs OSU 
10/1/16 Away vs Iowa State (Watch Party at McLane) 
10/15/16 HOME vs Kansas (Homecoming)
11/5/16 HOME vs TCU
11/19/16 HOME vs Kansas State

For those in the Houston area – We will likely host a watch party or two at our home. If you are in the Houston area, we would certainly welcome another green and gold fan!

As many of you know, we are always looking for ways to improve tailgate and make it a better experience each game and each year. I always have an eye out for new items that would help us improve. If/when there is more donation money than what is needed to cover our costs, these are a few items that I’ve had my eye on:

A traveling/foldable propane burner – To be able to expand our food prep horizons
A larger cooler – To replace some of ours that have seen better days.
A high top 20×20 semi-permanent tent – $1600 (Expensive, but it would be SO NICE! And we’d only have to purchase it once!)
Adding brakes to the BBQ trailer – $700 (This would make road games much easier.)

Make sure to check out our website and Facebook page often. We post each week’s menu, photos, videos, share articles and general G&GF goings ons. (We’d love for you to post your pictures on the G&GF Facebook too!)

Thank you again for all of your continued support. As you know, we love tailgating but it just wouldn’t be nearly as fun without each of you!

Only 15 days until TAILGATE and our first home game! I know it’s a Friday evening, but we will be out there early and in full force! Join us!

Get pumped you guys! I know we sure are!

Go Bears!
-Beau and Callie <—— Keep up with us on Facebook!

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