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Hot dog, hot dogs, hot diggity dogs!

Time to cheer on the Bears with a back to basics meal with some twists.

We will have a spread of hot dogs and sausages with a number of toppings. Grilled jalapeños, grilled onions and peppers,  cheese and more. We will also have a jalapeño popper hot dog and a bacon wrapped hot dog to try.

We plan to be out there around noon. There will be fans set up and a big jug of ice water to keep cool. Along the lines of refreshments, Callie has a special punch. It’s a pink lemonade beer punch….!

By the looks of it, a nice south breeze cooled by the Brazos, will make for a great afternoon to watch some football and see everyone. There are several early games to fill our time. The main meal will be closer to game time.

Time to end the drought.  Sic ‘ACU!

With Fall Comes Football

It has been a long, quiet off season but we’re ready to get back to McLane and see all of you. We so appreciate everyone’s continued generosity. We couldn’t do what we do without your support.

The annual pre season pilgrimage took place Sunday. To make sure everything is in order. Not surprisingly enough, I ran into an issue. The stereo batteries were dead and required replacement. On a lovely 99° afternoon.

Other honey do’s were accomplished. Coolers were cleaned. Fire ant mounds were killed. Baylor had freshly striped the tailgate spots.

One addition Baylor surprised us with: It seems sprinklers were installed in the off season.

Even with so little rain the grass is green.

A 12 hour day. Driving and working and heat. But it sure got me excited for tailgate!

This year will likely see the retirement of some bag chairs that have served us well. They don’t last forever.

I also have my eye on a portable fridge/freezer. This would give us some additional flexibility on food and drinks. as well as the occasional frozen treat. Take a gander.

As  always, we want to hear comments on what can be improved and what you loved.

Trying to make donations more convenient.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No! Not Christmas! It’s CHILI COOKOFF TIME, baby!

It’s our 3rd Annual Chili Cookoff, therefore it’s time to go bribe grandma for her secret recipe or pull the tastiest looking one off of Pinterest. Whatever it takes! Let put your chili to the test! Bring your best batch!

Per usual, we will provide Fritos, cheese, sour cream, cornbread and Tums! Heartburn for everyone!!

With a 1pm game time, you have no excuse for not coming out early to taste test everyone’s chili.

Can’t wait to see you all!! Please let us know if you are participating.

Misery loves company and it’s been one hell of a season. Let’s eat some chili.


(Ps. Watch out for hungry houseguests. I hear they like premature chili. I’m looking at you, Thomas!)

Beakfast with the Bears

What a great turnout last week! It was so great to see everyone. Much fun was had and a new game of chance and skill was born.

This week, it’ll be an early one, so breakfast is on the menu. We are cooking  breakfast casserole! I am sure we will have some other goodies to compliment. It’s going to be a beautiful morning!

Come early, stay late and enjoy this cool weather. Can’t wait to see you!

Sic’em Bears!

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Mother nature may literally rain on our Homecoming parade, but that is no reason to miss tailgate! Pack your waterproof gear and trust that we will be out there rain or shine.

On the menu this week, we have tacos and fajitas with all the fixin’s. Your choice of hard, soft and walking tacos. These will be served through the afternoon up until about half an hour before kickoff.

Happy Homecoming! Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Sic’Em Bears!

Turkey, Pork & Pigskin

After a week on the road, we will be back at McLane this Saturday. While the trip to Durham was mostly lovely, we are ready to see y’all! If you haven’t made it to a game this year, you’d better get your butts in gear!

On the menu this week, we will be smoking turkey breasts for an afternoon snack. Post game, we will have pork butt rearing to go. (See what I did there?)

We’re working out sides for both meals. If you’d like to bring something to the table, be our guest!

Callie’s punch will be back this week. Hope you’re ready! Come thirsty, my friends!

We can’t wait to see everyone!


Roadrunner…. Tastes Like Chicken

Things are starting to settle back down to a more normal level. Hopefully last week’s game was a once in a 1000 year event just like Harvey. 😉

On the menu this week, we’ve got smoked chicken! To complement the chicken, there will be bacon wrapped green beans, care of the Webster family; potato salad provided by the Cabera family and jalapeño poppers care of Jake! You guys are awesome!

Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!

Sic’Em Bears!

Friends, Family & Football

For those of us near the Gulf Coast, the last week has been very challenging. Callie and I have been very fortunate that our house has stayed dry. So many have not been so lucky and are still not able to return to their flooded homes. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

With everything happening in and around Houston, we had a group of folks reach out and offer to step in to fill the gap this week. A special thanks to David and Elizabeth Webster for taking the reins this week! Chris Howard, Jake Anderson, Julio Cabrera and others are helping to make this all happen as well. And we can’t thank all of you enough for jumping in to help.

They are planning on brisket, sausage and all the fixings. Plan on food being served around 3PM.

If the situation allows, of course Callie and I want to be there. We are looking forward to seeing all of you! If for some reason, we don’t make it this week, pour a man bomb out for each of us and have a great time. 🙂

It has been too long and there’s nothing we want more than to have a little bit of normal back in our lives.

Sic’Em Bears!





A Bevy of Biscuits


The last home game of the season is upon us. And, since the football gods hate us, we’re scheduled for another 11am kickoff. Breakfast it is, folks.

We’re trying a new meal this week. We will have a bunch of biscuits with a slew of ways for you to customize yours! There will be bacon, sausage, eggs and cheese to make a breakfast biscuit. Or there will be cream gravy if you’d prefer a little Southern fare with good ol’ fashioned biscuits and gravy.

This is the last game. Please come out in full force to cheer on our Bears. It’s Senior Day, and we’d love to send those guys off with some joy. Lord knows they could use a little more after the season they’ve endured.

4 Days, folks.

Sic’Em Bears!
Beau & Callie

Taco Time!


Tacos are on the menu this week! You know how we do. Hard, soft and walking tacos will be making an appearance. It should be perfect fall/football weather so come out and let’s eat!

With a 2:30 kickoff, we’ll have plenty of time to get pumped up before the game and we will reconvene to watch games afterwards.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Come early, stay late and SIC’EM BEARS!
– Beau & Callie

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