Gameday With The Bears

College Gameday rolls into town this week! That means a full day of events. 

Full Baylor info here:  

Starting at 6 AM, the Media Hits will begin at Gameday. I will be set up beforehand to allow enough time to get over to Gameday, but will not have a group breakfast plan.

On the menu this week, we have smoked chicken legs for lunch, following Gameday, with beans and a corn casserole (a Webster specialty).

A second meal will take place at 4:30ish to allow plenty of time to get into the stadium for all the festivities.

For dinner, we will be serving brisket, beans and a homemade potato salad (care of the Webster family).

If you are bringing a group with you, please let me know so I can accommodate. 

As always, we will be watching the earlier games and have the firepit going to keep toasty.

Come extra early, stay late and Sic’OU!

Homecoming is Extra Special with Tech

For the first time since 2007, the Bears will host the Red Raiders in Waco, with all the pageantry of Homecoming included! Beautiful football weather is forecast, so let’s make the most of it. We will be out there early to enjoy the fire pit and watch the Homecoming Parade on TV. 

On the menu this week, for lunch we will have grilled pork chops, delicious mushroom rice, care of the Eilers and beans. I’m sure additional sides will make an appearance. We will also have a punch in which the flavor is to be determined. We expect to eat around noon.

With an afternoon game (and since homecoming can be crazy trying to find a place to eat), this year we are going to grill steaks for dinner, after the game. These will be served with baked potatoes and salads. (Becuase we’re nothing if not healthy…) Following dinner, stick around for s’mores over the fire pit. 

PLEASE let me know if you are going to stick around after so I can make sure to have enough steaks.

Looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend. Come early, stay late and Sic ‘Em Bears!

Why did the bear cross the road?

To get to the Green and Gold Forever tailgate for chicken legs!

We’re serving up grilled chicken legs tomorrow and they are going to be awesome! Several sides will appear magically, I’m sure. We will also have a poppin’ punch ready for consumption!

Cross the road, the Brazos, I-35 (carefully), and the green grassy areas of all the other tailgates, whatever you have to do, to get your buns out here and support our Bears!

Sic’Em Bears!

Bears & Burgers

Great win last week and so fun to have the gang back together. On the menu this week for lunch will be Cheeseburgers & Hamburgers with some fancy additions including ranch potatoes, care of the Websters. A light punch to beat the heat will also be served. See everyone early Saturday.
Sic ’em

Start With Some Sizzle

Back again, same place, there early and late. Hope to see many of you this week as the season kicks off.

On the menu this week will be fajitas before the game with rice beans and all the fixings. Lunch is still up in the air, but rest assured you won’t go hungry. 

To help keep things cool, there will be a Berry Beer Punch.
Sic ’em

Last Home Game…Let’s Beat TCU!

Another 11 am game, and another double feature tailgate menu. In the morning, we will have a breakfast casserole, hot chocolate, apple cider, and the fire pit to warm you up inside and out.

After the game, we will have smoked turkey breasts and ribs with a selection of sides. We will light the pit back up and watch the afternoon games. Come early, stay late and absolutely beat TCU!

Sic ‘ em Bears!


Breakfast & Lunch with the Bears


Homecoming is such a special time of year! With beautiful, cooler weather projected and a 11 AM kickoff. Breakfast tacos are on the menu for before the game. In the spirit of the weekend, we will have the Homecoming parade on TV.

After the game stick around! Watch the late games. Sit by the fire pit and enjoy some BBQ. Brisket and sausage with beans and potato salad will be up for grabs!

Come early. Stay late. Sic ’em Bears!


Can I get a Drumstick, please….

On the menu this week we have BBQ’d Chicken Drumsticks! Sauced and grilled to perfection! These will go great with beans, potato salad and other sides. We will also have a purple punch to complement. 🙂

Lunch will be ready at noon before the 2:30pm kickoff.

Come early, stay late, enjoy the cooler weather. Sic ‘KSU!

Time for a Little Sizzle

Last week was a tough week for the Bears, but we had a good turnout and as always, it is great to see everyone. A special thanks to those who traveled so far to attend!

On the menu this week: We are making fajitas with all the fixing! We need to turn up the heat and add some sizzle. We will be serving at noon. To go with the fajitas we will have a strawberry margarita punch. To kick things up a notch!

Depending on the weather, we will be hanging out afterwards to watch evening games. Hope to see you Saturday.

Ready to see you all! Sic ‘KU!

Pigskin and a Little Pork

This week we will be cooking Smoked Pork Loin with Mac ‘N Cheese and a few other sides. Have it as a sandwich or a plate. We will have the setups for both. Lunch will be ready at noon for a 2:30 kickoff, but come early and enjoy the non-98 degree day. (Nick Lachey and friends will be so disappointed, I know.)

We are going to try out an Orange Dream Punch for a little extra refreshment too. Bring your taste-tester!

2-0 hoping to make it to 3-0! Sic’ Duke!

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